Top graphic design trends for 2020

As we bid farewell to 2019 and welcome 2020, we are excited to share trends that are expected to prevail in 2020. While Pantone has already launched its color of the year, the classic blue, we are awestruck to see the following trends already making headlines.

1. Typography- go bold or go home

Typography is here to stay and will only get better. However, people intend to go wild with typography in 2020. The designs will take a step forward from conventional lettering to artistic typography, including different flowers, geometric shapes, and patterns. Heavy and bold typography infused in different shapes seems to be a promising trend in 2020.




2. 3D depth and realism

Technology and software capabilities have slowly helped us push the boundaries of graphic design. 3D depth and realism made its way in graphic design in 2019 and is surely here to stay in 2020 as well. The design compositions are expected to have more volume and depth to them.




3. Isometric illustrations

Isometric illustrations are continuously evolving and are expected to blend with 3D realism and motion in 2020 seamlessly. This blend will create more interactions with its audience via infographics, web design, and presentation design.




4. Geometric designs

Many designers are aiming for simplicity in their design; using plain geometric shapes is still one of the leading trends in the field for 2020. Geometric designs may look simple, but they require a lot of work to recreate a composition that carries the right meaning for people to grasp.



5. Patterns & Textures

Patterns and textures were off the stage for quite a bit when flat design reigned the web. Now we see a rise in the use of patterns and texture but not necessarily used in the traditional way. Combining several patterns in one design or only sections of pattern covering the screen will be the norm in 2020.




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