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07 Jul: ‘Snap’ Just Topped Apple

Steve Jobs was quite famous for his Apple keynotes – featuring a minimalistic black screen and messages displayed in clear Helvetica Neue, along with meticulous scripting. For almost 20 years, there had been one live presentation style to conquer the rapidly evolving technology world.

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20 Mar: A Love-Hate Relationship with the remote work culture

With Coronavirus spreading to almost over 100 countries, companies are rapidly switching towards remote work environments. The pandemic has forced many to go from lively office environments to remote workplaces. It has become the most significant factor impacting our social lives. Where the Coronavirus outbreak is a good opportunity for some to test working from home at a scale, there is a growing frustration amongst employees who feel stranded in restricted work environments.

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19 Nov: Is PowerPoint too old for Millennials?

PowerPoint turned 30 in 2017, and to measure its popularity, Microsoft commissioned a poll among users of social media (Snapchat and Instagram). To Microsoft’s surprise, they found that 80% of Millennial respondents considered PowerPoint to be a “great tool.” The popularity of PowerPoint is attributed to the fact that Millennials learned PPT in school.


22 Oct: Storytelling tips for decks

Storytelling is an art used in every culture. It aims to hold one in a spellbound and is an age-old tradition that has been passed down to generations. People have been engaged in the storytelling profession too, be it a storyteller amusing an emperor in his court or a Ted speaker trying to win his audience with his skills.