Storytelling through design

06 Mar: 2020: What Is Trending In The UX Design World?

As the technology is emerging, digital devices like tablets and smartphones have become an integral part of our life. It is now a quintessential belief to provide the user with the best experience on the digital platforms he or she may use. Today, user experience (UX) has gone from being one of the buzz-words in the design-world to the break ingredient in the world’s most exemplary digital products.


18 Feb: Design Thinking as a Disruptive Force for HR

Are you in a situation where the employees in your company are being affected adversely and therefore there is a need to spread awareness of their needs and frustrations? You wish to convince them to stick around for the long run but don’t know how to resolve the conflict? A surface level understanding of the challenge does exist but there are differing views among the population. To make the situation even more complex, there are considerable number of variables associated with the problem, so it’s hard to find where to start.


02 Sep: Top Trends in Graphic Design for 2019

The year, 2019, has been spectacular thus far for graphic design, and nothing is holding it back from setting new trends and breaking old records, and pushing its own boundaries. While specific trends were predicted earlier this year, the scale at which these have been experimented and used in design across the globe is undoubtedly astonishing. While the list is never-ending, we have compiled some of the top trends for 2019 in no order.