What Origami Can Teach UI/UX Designers?

UI design is all about joining small, keenly assembled elements into a full-fledged product.

Origami is an art where you create beautiful objects by simply folding a piece of paper in different patterns.

So if you think about it, designing a neat user interface is in many ways like folding a piece of paper into a perfect swan figurine.


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Designers can learn a thing or two from this impeccable art. Here’s how:

Focus on Perfection from the Very Start

One wrong fold in origami can make the entire thing flawed. And even though you cannot see each fold inside a piece of origami, tiny mistakes can make a visible difference in the finished piece.


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It’s the same with design. Steve Jobs always aimed at making Apple products that were beautiful not only from the outside but from the inside as well, even though a user does not experience that part.

Start with Strong Roots

Holding your roots and staying true to it is something proved by none other than the grandmaster of origami himself, Akira Yoshizawa. Yoshizawa saw a vision for this art, dedicated to it wholeheartedly even though he stayed hand to mouth because of it for many years. But his passion brought fruition just like he envisioned.




It is important to have a strong and creative concept of your product because that is the only way your users will connect with it.

The First Few Folds

To end up with a flawless origami, getting the first few folds right is crucial. Similarly, for designers, as the company grows, make sure you hire the best designers to divide the work with as they will be the ones taking your vision forward.


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Moreover, make sure you stay involved in the product no matter how much the company scales.

Learn from Every Fold

Design imitates art. As you go throw your business journey, make sure you are giving attention to every fold, may it be the product or the business. Take your journey as a learning curve to drive your business based on a strong product, just like Akira Yoshizawa.


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Inspiration : Origami can make UI/UX designers better

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