design thinking


24 Apr: Designers Are Ready to Swish Their Wands to Combat COVID-19

Design & visual imagery have always played a vital role in delivering powerful messages to the community. Effective design is the propagator of news, insights, political views, and announcements for centuries now. When it comes to imploring people or the entire nation to change their behavior, visual communication can get an emotional response from the viewer and drive certain social behaviors.


18 Apr: Databox Vs. Power BI: Which One Should You Go For?

Databox is a business analytics KPI dashboard. It assembles all your metrics in one place and helps in delivering the central KPIs across multiple devices. Databox allows you to get off easy with monitoring your marketing activity and measure ROI by pulling all of your crucial data into one dashboard so you can track performance and discover insights in real-time. In short, Databox combines the necessary information into actionable results.


10 Apr: User Experience Design

Ever wondered why a product is designed the way it is? If yes, then you’ve entered the realm of User Design. User Experience Design is a data-driven process whereby a designer or a group of designers aim to create a novel design, not just for the sake of novelty but rather to bring about an improvement in the existing designs used by consumers to accomplish a task.


01 Apr: Dos and Don’ts of High-Converting Landing Pages

Your landing page has set the wheels in motion – but then, there’s a hiccup. You’re getting the traffic in droves but still not boosting your sales which 61% of marketers believe is the biggest challenge today. You’re gaining new email subscribers, posting winning articles on social media, generating leads through your blogs, and a pool of visitors come to your website; nevertheless, they are not sticking around. Therefore, contemplate differently – do differently because the average landing page conversion rate across industries is 2.35%. Understand the dos and don’ts of high-converting landing pages and capture the potential customers with the proven conclusive system within 8 seconds.


13 Mar: Design Thinking in AI – The Future of Innovation

As the world is evolving rapidly, the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in this change is irrefutable. Many people are still ambiguous about this technology – leading to the most important question, what is AI? AI is an intellectual simulated ability of a machine that imitates human behavior and makes our everyday activities much more effective.