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25 Apr: From Attention Seeking to Presentation

The businesses that are highly ambitious are always aiming towards pitching their ideas to potential clients. Most of the time, the first step isn’t an actual pitch. Rather, you need to send a pitch deck to the relevant department of your potential client to see if they are interested in your offerings.

23 Apr: Designs that Solve problems

For him, architecture is nothing short of pure creation which, with the right vision and effort, can be put concrete reality and it is amazing how he manages to bring seemingly mutually exclusive concepts together, effortlessly.

12 May: The Ocean Is Full Of Confetti – Microplastics

Some of the plastic we discard ends up in the ocean. It gets weakened by sunlight and torn apart by the wind and the waves into smaller elements – “microplastics”. These microplastics have now been found everywhere in the ocean – sea floor to the surface. Impact of this is likely huge. View the video for details –

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15 Apr: 7 Rules of Effective Data Visualization

In today’s data-driven world where organizations are continuously striving to adapt to new innovations and need real time…

02 Feb: Top UI/UX design trends for 2021

The bad thing about trends is that they tend to subside after a period of time but the great thing about them is that they’re constantly changing so there’s always something new to look out for.

09 Jan: How Webinars can help you shine!

You’ve established a business by putting in long hours and establishing a culture that promotes growth, but now you find yourself constantly battling competitors in an attempt to win your customer. As a profit-oriented organization.

18 Dec: Tips to Boost Conversions with Effective Content Strategy

According to a study by Content Marketing Institute, 72% of marketers believe that a powerful content strategy generates impressive leads for companies. However, today’s marketers face a major issue.

23 Oct: Why we chose

Gone are the days when companies would sit down with developers fazed by a plethora of coding that was necessary to build the most basic of applications.

01 Oct: Growth Hacking: How Does It Work?

Growth is the first and foremost goal of any organization. The faster the growth, the better are the returns. While exponential growth may not have been possible a few years ago.

22 Aug: 5 fundamental metrics to measure your webinar success

Webinars have become ubiquitous in 2020. They have proved to be an effective strategy to keep the business running and engage users and industry partners

14 Aug: 9 Steps to Building a Successful Webinar Strategy

The year 2020 has changed the meaning of life for almost everyone. While human beings, also referred to as “social animals” were forced to stay indoors and in self-isolation.

06 Aug: 10 Reasons Why Webinars Are Great For Every Business

Ever since COVID-19 grappled the world, humans have come to realize that they are more flexible than they think. As we make our way to a new normal, discussions around the possibilities of a permanent work-from-home.

04 Aug: Webinar Hosting Challenges – Solved!

The time for worrying is over! You’ve finally decided to adopt a new marketing tactic & are ready to host your first ever webinar; only to be faced with a number of hurdles.

03 Aug: Don’t know where to host your Webinar? – We’ve got you covered

Owing to the recent boost in the digitalization of businesses and consumer markets, there has been a growing demand for online mediums to build relationships with audiences all around the globe. In come Webinars, a live-interactive digital event that gives organizations the chance.

23 Jul: The new era for people management

If the past few months have taught us anything, it’s the constant need to improve & improvise in order to sustain consistent growth in these rather uncertain times. In a world where working remotely has become the new normal, and employees have resorted to online meetings & presentations.

07 Jul: An Opportunity for Brands to Convert ‘Noise’ into ‘Signal’

The globally awarded keynote speaker and futurist, Anders Sörman-Nilsson, has recently hosted a webinar on how to establish the brand signal in a world of digital noise.

13 May: A Complete Guide to Craft A Compelling Webinar Presentation

Crafting a killer webinar presentation is no cinch. How will you craft a presentation that not only delivers promising results but also keeps your audience awake throughout the webinar? With no budget to hire an in-house content writer or a graphic designer, how will you pull off a killer presentation? You’ve got to figure out the answers to these questions before you plan onto hosting a professional webinar that not only sells but also keeps your attendees come back for more.

24 Mar: COVID-19: Boosting Productivity With Webinars

As the threat of COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, many organizations lean on to take the critical decision of sending employees home to work remotely and rush to shift their businesses online — but implementing this plan and ‘social distancing’ among employees have opened the door to some crucial challenges such as communication issues and being out of the loop, and work prioritization.

10 Oct: What do we do with it?

All of us are quite familiar with the buzz words, ‘Big Data’ and ‘Data Analytics’ by now. Data is being regarded as the new oil of the 21st century. As per a report, 72% of organizations admit that they collect data but never use it because of its complicated nature despite a high ‘Return on Investment’ (ROI).

31 Jan: Make Your Ideas Stick with The Von Restorff Effect

The whole purpose of having presentations is that the audience remembers it. And there are one or two ideas that you really want your audience to remember but how can you make those selected few ideas stick to the minds of your audience?