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Designing in the Information Overload World

Internet is a place where anyone can publish anything. And Web Designing is a line of work where guides and tutorials has a huge demand and supply, the latter more so because the web is actually what designers work with so creating personal blogs and sharing their experiences and opinions comes easy to them.

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Quick Guide to Persuasive Presentations

Presentations are used to sell ideas, to persuade the audience and let’s face it, it’s not always an easy feat to achieve. But what if we tell you there are some psychological hacks which you can use on your audience to really drive your message. Let’s take a look.

Presentation and the fickle ways of the Internet World

Today, design has become a vital element of online presentations be it in the form of company profiles, ecommerce stores, magazines, and even craigslist. Presentation has dominated the world of web design as it is now considered as the first and foremost way to grab the reader’s attention

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Storytelling: The right way to do it

‘How you present it’ is what makes all the difference. If you really have to grab someone’s attention and make a lasting impression, you have to touch their hearts; because human beings are emotional by nature and will respond to emotions.