Top UI/UX design trends for 2021

The bad thing about trends is that they tend to subside after a period of time but the great thing about them is that they’re constantly changing so there’s always something new to look out for. In the world of design, this happens at an even faster pace – as the majority of players begin to follow a particular trend, it is deemed ineffective soon after and gives rise to a whole new trend altogether.


A well-designed user interface could raise your website’s conversion rate by up to a 200%

It’s now 2021; everyone everywhere is constantly working towards establishing designs that will be better able to not only cater to consumer needs but also do away with any competitors.

So, what are the top trends for UI/UX designs for this year? Let’s have a look!

Anthropomorphic animations

Legend has it that if you stare at the Mona Lisa for an extended period of time, you begin to feel as if she’s looking back at you. Now, apply this idea to the world of animations where UX designs have now begun to incorporate animations that mimic human movements and create a surreal interactive environment like never before.

This immersive experience is both subtle in nature but also quite obvious once you’re exposed to it.

advanced micro-interactions

The beauty of communication lies in its ability to happen two-ways i.e. back and forth. By the creation of a channel that caters to both interaction and feedback, designers are able to instill an user experience that fosters a sense of satisfaction for both consumers and businesses.

These very moments whereby a user interacts with a button on the website for instance, only to get an immediate response from the site are what we call micro-interactions.

In 2021, this trend is hoping to scale new heights by incorporating extreme animations and page transitions, leading to even complete reshuffling of the page layouts. In this, the UX responds directly to input from the user in a rather creative manner which maximizes the users interaction with the page.

reimagining learning

2020 was a year when online education took center stage and 2021 seems to be the year when it aspires to go one step further.

UX is now moving to the front of the classroom (quite literally) to put at offer learning tools that will give students the independence to learn on their own pace and chart their specific learning journey’s.


Through the usage of individual learning, designers are able to incorporate matchmaking technology, psychological tests, scheduling tools and feedback and create a learning experience that is catered to each individual. Whether this is through a dashboard which provides students freedom to customize, and interact with or an immersive experience, the end result is a close simulation of the one-on-one interaction students would miss out on in large lectures.


Who doesn’t want an escape from the madness that we find ourselves in at the moment?

UX designers have apparently found just the way forward; an incorporation of exotic locations and wanderlust creations as the focus of their layouts.

Through lush color schemes, galleries full of images and realistic depth through the usage of certain copies, designers are able to give these images full spotlight and create a unique experience for the user.

live collaboration

A pandemic made us realize the importance of creating digital workforces that are able to sustain themselves through tough periods of time. No surprise then that this has set a rise in collaborative efforts between individuals and organizations.

UI designers now have the task of representing simultaneous users by incorporating color coding, creative cursor designs, and unique avatars. A medium that’s constantly growing, there is no doubt that UI designers will slowly be asked to incorporate even more features to instill a unique experience for each user.


On average, every $1 invested in UX brings $100 in return – an ROI of 9,900%.

There’s obviously more to the world of UX/UI designs; a world that’s constantly growing and expanding with more creators bringing with them unique ideas that hope to inspire those around them. One thing is for certain though, despite it all, we’re living in quite exciting times!

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