How Webinars can help you shine!

You’ve established a business by putting in long hours and establishing a culture that promotes growth, but now you find yourself constantly battling competitors in an attempt to win your customer. As a profit-oriented organization, you’re always looking for methods through which you could increase your customer base which in turn would lead to higher revenues; a win-win.

So what could be a way of not only beating your competition but also increasing your customer retention? The answer lies in the web of possibilities (pun intended) i.e. webinars.


In simple terms, Webinars are a type of online conference/collaborative service which brings together diverse audiences and connects them to businesses/organizations. While this may be largely ignored by businesses due to the time and effort it might take, this has proven to be an immensely beneficial opportunity for businesses that have adopted the practice.

Today, we’ll be looking at how a webinar can prove to be a valuable asset for your business and help you outgrow your competitors.

value = increased!

Webinars are truly unlike anything else you’ve seen or used before; if done right, you have the opportunity to keep your audience engaged for hours on end without any distractions (something which might be hard to do on videos).

What’s even better is that the audience isn’t a passive observer/viewer of the content but also has the chance to communicate with you in real-time! This means that you have the opportunity to tailor your content in accordance with audience questions and create a session that revolves around aspects that the tuned audience is hoping to discuss.

Through a webinar, you pose your business in a different light altogether; as a business that values its customers’ feedback/input and engages in discussion with them.

webinars position you as an expert

Many businesses think of webinars as just “freebies” that anyone can avail which gives the impression that they don’t really matter. What if we told you that it was the other way round?

Yes, webinars are “free” but what it means from the audience’s end is that someone has chosen to specifically set aside a time/date to tune into your webinar and listen to YOUR opinion/pitch/discussion. What this means is that they consider you as a learned entity/expert and are willing to take out time to listen to you talk about things that matter to them.

So, while it may be just another “freebie”, it’s one that comes with a lot of commitment.

make sales without going too hard


Effective webinars showcase problems, provide solutions, kill objections, and deliver value without really delving into the “teaching” aspect.

Your content should deliver in a manner that teaches the audience to know what they want –what is your product essentially, and if done correctly, the audience will already want your product by the time you make the offer.

scarcity is key

What makes webinars special is the limited access it offers those who tune in; these are one-time events that happen life which means that if someone tunes in late or misses the event entirely, they do not get a chance to see what they’ve missed out on – in other words, the video is a good available in very limited quality.

Moreover, the fact that webinars offer conversational engagement adds another dimension that helps to create an environment whereby the audience is able to establish relationships with businesses by having their questions answered right away.

build new relationships


To build a healthy relationship, one needs to add value to it – something that webinars help you do.

The very first step in making a sale is educating your customer so they’re aware of what it is that you’re trying to sell and help them understand how that could benefit them.

Webinars help you teach and spread your message across wide audiences and help them understand why your product is valuable in the first place. Here the audience is able to attach a picture/voice to a name and so the business isn’t just another detached entity but has now become someone that they’ve interacted with.


By having this contact, you get to create new leads that turn into customers and help the business grow – all it took was a webinar that was both informative and engaging.

faster rois

As a company what matters at the end of the day is the revenue; that is what helps you grow. Therefore the faster you can convert a potential lead into a customer, the better off you will be in the long run. This process however is one that takes time – IF you go at it the traditional way.

If however, you decide to incorporate webinars into your business, you’re able to fast-track yourself and the customer through this process – through a webinar you build trust, deliver value and kill objections in an extremely small period of time.

we’re sure you get it now

Webinars are a great way to reach out to your customer base and increase sales while also stepping ahead of your competition. It’s a medium that has proven to be successful in the past and continues to provide opportunities for consistent growth and improvement.

If you’re a business looking to establish stronger relationships with your customer, reach new heights and increase sales, then webinars might just be something worth an investment!

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