The new era for people management



If the past few months have taught us anything, it’s the constant need to improve & improvise in order to sustain consistent growth in these rather uncertain times. In a world where working remotely has become the new normal, and employees have resorted to online meetings & presentations, it is no surprise that companies all across the world have adopted a more technology-centric approach to their organization’s structure.

The changes in working conditions coupled with the growing need to employ data-driven strategies for optimizing results has led to the inculcation of Human Resource Management System (HRMS) throughout sectors.

This reliance on AI to guide HR processes has been a long-time coming with businesses slowly recognizing the importance of implementing systems that are capable of delivering quality results while also streamlining the internal communication processes. It is also through these very systems that businesses have been able to utilize their resources efficiently and garner results in doing so.

One other improvement in the arena of HR has been the necessity for inclusion of all employees; whether this is done through an on-boarding process that intends to be more inclusive or through providing safe-spaces to employees to communicate their grievances or suggestions, it has been the HR department that has spearheaded these initiatives.

Clearly, there have been massive improvements with an overall increase in employee and company satisfaction ever since moves have been made to be more tech-centric when approaching tasks pertaining to human resources.

So, what services do these software’s really offer? What makes them stand out from other, more traditional HR practices? And more importantly, which software is making waves at the moment?

your personalized hr journey

BambooHR maybe a new entrant into the arena of HRMS, but their dedication to valuing ‘people, not processes’ sets them apart from others. With an interface that offers customization for all business types, this software has proven itself to be all-encompassing. More so, by offering analytics pertaining to employee engagement, results & organization growth, BambooHR offers an experience unlike any other.

Whether it’s churning through the sometimes cumbersome recruitment process or creating a smooth onboarding process, BambooHR does it all for you. Through a dedicated site for onboarding and recruitment, the software does away with the need for developing custom forms/regulatory guidelines, etc. and lets the organization focus more on creating a great first day on-site experience for all new hires.

With over 1.5 million users across the globe, this software stands out for its unique approach to people-management and the ease it provides to HR professionals all over. So if you’re looking for a software that helps you channel growth in your organization while also ensuring that employee-management is done in a manner that’s enjoyable yet efficient, then BambooHR is for you.

traditionalists never go out of style!

However, there have been a few companies perfecting the art of HR over the past few years and in doing so have established themselves as somewhat veterans of the arena. Workforce is one of these very veterans, having catered to a cliental spread all over the world in a variety of sectors reaching over millions of professionals collectively.

With an approach that is calculated, workforce ensures the smooth running of day-to-day operations with the provision of services that outline employee shift-timings, check-ins & compensation units amongst others. By focusing on shift-management, workforce has established itself as a front-runner in the service and production industry by reforming processes that were otherwise all over the place.

However, this does not mean that this is a software-only for these very industries since workforce also offers the opportunity to customize systems to adapt to specific client needs and create a unique experience for anyone and everyone using their software.

An organization that is almost reaching its 100th year in service, workforce has understood the importance of adapting with changing times, and their constant innovation in strategies and service provision stands as proof. By diving deep into work-culture, they have been able to understand employee management like none other and established themselves as a role model for other HR companies to learn from.

the verdict

So while BambooHR caters to your modern needs, workforce relies on traditional methods but ensures the smooth running of your operations regardless. So what really is the best choice for your business?

If you’re a small to mid-size business working with a limited number of employees, then BambooHR might just be the perfect fit since it offers a personalized experience that helps you cater to individual employee needs while maintaining an overall comfortable working experience.

However, if you’re a business that is home to a large number of employees that are spread across, then workforce is the software for you. Through their scheduling software and time-clock app, the system helps both employees and employers keep track of working hours and other work-commitments despite being thousands of miles away from each other. Moreover, through the swift mechanism that aids shift-swaps and also enables the distribution of employee compensation, workforce makes sure that employee needs are catered to despite the distance.


To say that one software is better than the other would be a disservice to the amazing work being done in the world of employee-management, since each software or system offers a unique experience to the user based on their needs.

What’s certain, however, is the fact that HRMS is here to stay for the long-run, because if recent time has taught us anything, it’s the need for efficiency in resource management.

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