Dos and Don’ts of High-Converting Landing Pages


So, your landing page has set the wheels in motion – but there’s a hiccup! You’re getting the traffic in droves but still not boosting your sales which 61% of marketers believe is the biggest challenge today. You’re gaining new email subscribers, posting winning articles on social media, generating leads through your blogs, and a pool of visitors come to your website; nevertheless, they are not sticking around. Therefore, contemplate differently – do differently because the average landing page conversion rate across industries is 2.35%. Understand the dos and don’ts of high-converting landing pages and capture the potential customers with the proven conclusive system within 8 seconds. Have crazy tremendous leads up to 300% more by targeting effectually!

Dos of High-Coverting Landing Page


1. Provision of minimal options

Make the navigation of your landing page easy for your users through catchy headlines, call to action (CTA), and services in line so that they won’t get confused, and lose your conversions. Dynamic landing pages always have the middle of the funnel engagements explicitly designed to make visitors click the CTA or fill out the form. Therefore, to make an effective marketing strategy, talk about the offers, focus on what customers will receive and make all things bright and straightforward.


2. Ground-breaking illustrations

Visuals like pictures, videos, gifs, and animations are the heart of landing pages as they give a lively effect to your website. It would be best if you use relevant images of your product or services with short and striking videos to let users know what you are offering and what they will get. So, punch up your sales by 86% through visitors’ engagement, as users tend to remember 90% of illustrations 60,000 times more vividly than the text.


3. Fast browsing speed

While creating inspiring landing pages, keep in mind to make them adaptable to both mobile users and PC browsers.

1-second delay in loading can reduce the conversion rate by 7%.

Take account of leading sales and high conversion rates through the provision of high loading speed that will show the results in seconds. No matter how many elements are operating at once on your landing page, just improve its loading speed and save users from getting lost in your site’s navigation.


Don’ts of High-Converting Landing Pages

1. Ordinary visuals

Most of the businesses use run-of-the-mill high-resolution images on their websites that perhaps look perfect but are less likely to generate leads. The reason for less conversion is that these stock visuals are available on many other sites and when you use the same images, it will certainly affect your credibility and users won’t be interested in your offers and outcomes. Therefore, use customized visuals and state of the art illustrations to keep the users involved. Plus, infographics represent the integrity of your company, products, and achievements.


2. Cluttered navigation bars

Navigation bars are an easy access point for the website, so are multiple pages that assist the visitors to reach to their desired page. It is highly ineffective to design a navigation bar for your landing pages that make your website look cluttered, full of inapt text, and unnecessary buttons. Therefore, in order to increase your conversion rates, applaud your targeted audience with a clear navigation path!


3. Tumbling multiple offers

Whenever any user lands on your page, your custom-made design must appeal him to stay on your website. If your landing page has numerous designs such as sign up option to get your service, buy your product, navigate to another page, read the procedure, or buy your service then how would your conversion rate hover? Will the visitors stay on your site and buy your product? NO, they will immediately leave the page and will never visit your website again which will ultimately reduce the conversions by 266%. You have to make your visitors stick to your landing page for a longer time.

Summing Up

In a nutshell, creating a high-conversion landing page isn’t arduous. Update your high-converting landing pages not only with new features but also with advanced tools in digital marketing space which will also help in raising the musty page. Similarly, stay focused on a single point and single landing page to+ present efficiently. 48% of marketers design unique and separate landing pages for impending campaigns. So, instead of tossing your head in and out, consider the dos and don’ts, as mentioned above to create a striking landing page with higher conversions.

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