2020: What Is Trending In The UX Design World?

As the technology is emerging, digital devices like tablets and smartphones have become an integral part of our life. It is now a quintessential belief to provide the user with the best experience on the digital platforms he or she may use. Today, user experience (UX) has gone from being one of the buzz-words in the design-world to the break ingredient in the world’s most exemplary digital products.

Research suggests that an average American spends 5.4 hours a day on his phone and most of the time is spent on digital apps.

UX design has been on the shaky ground for the past few years but now, it has significantly reshaped how we consume technology and interact with machines in ways that were unthinkable before. A few years back, the major design challenge faced by designers was to make certain that the design worked in every browser; however today, designers must ensure that the design works on every screen and device.

As we head into the next decade, our dependence on digital products grows – propelling UX design into the league of the most substantial disciplines in current times.

So, what does 2020 have in store? Explore some of the top UX 2020 app design trends with us!

Responsive UX

In this digital era, many users believe that responsive design is dead. However, in this quickly growing design business, it is essential to use a device-agnostic approach to enhance your design. In 2020, the core purpose of UX design is to provide a seamless experience to each user and responsive UX has become necessary for companies that strive to be successful.

Responsive design best practices include eliminating friction, designing taps and swipes, and making layouts fluid or adaptive by default.



Photo Driven Interfaces

Evolution in mobile screens has been witnessed over the past few years; therefore, viewing experiences also needs to be enhanced. Photography is the heart of the design world and with the focus shifting from utilizing vectors to real-time systems, a combination of UX design and pictures will be seen in 2020.

The core purpose is not to puzzle users with tons of pictures but to maintain significant margins, spacing, whitespaces, and color balance.




3D Graphics & Animation

Another notable trend in 2020 is the 3D design. Currently, it’s not just a static design but more of an animated 3D graphic which means, there’s no chance of animation losing its position this year. Several simulations of natural elements, the flow of objects and an intense combination of things in compositions pique users’ attention, make them stay, and are more memorable than just static elements.

Adding motion to menu bars, onboarding screens, charts, buttons, and icons makes the user experience much more instructive and appealing while smooth micro-interactions make the user interface intuitive and natural.




Storytelling Content

Users often tend to prefer personalized interfaces as per their choices. The best part is that personalization continues to enthrall to the whole human nature and their unmet needs, making it highly important. Also, the content-first approach helps to design significant interfaces and makes user experience convenient rather than convoluted.

In UX designing, general readability is supreme. Not only it focuses on slogans, taglines, and CTAs but also on the content’s style as a whole. Therefore, a content menu and a readable font for various screen sizes are perfect for an effective responsive design.





Illustrations add more artistic value to the screen and relate to the content on the screens. Therefore, hand-drawn illustrations, vectors, and graphics in the UX design add playfulness to your brand. So, feel free to let your creativeness loose and try out a variety of styles, as the custom illustration is going to be the trend of 2020.  




Follow-Up with UX Design Trends…

UX takes into consideration the profit of the users and principally aims to improve the users’ experience with the digital interface. Moreover, UX has been the focal point of the design plans lately. Companies and businesses are now going the extra mile to ensure that the UX meets the users’ needs.

Based on that, it is now certain that the UX design trends in 2020 will be completely understandable and handy, and will work great in favor of businesses and people.

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