Tips to Boost Conversions with Effective Content Strategy

According to a study by Content Marketing Institute, 72% of marketers believe that a powerful content strategy generates impressive leads for companies. However, today’s marketers face a major issue with their content strategy i.e. traffic with a low conversion rate. Despite the relentless effort to grow the brand through content, marketers still go through tremendous obstacles to create growth-driven content that not only sells their brand’s value but also skyrockets their content marketing.



70% of people prefer to get information about a company from an article or blog post.

The main problem here isn’t the traffic, but the fact that the content is unfocused on customer engagement with no value proposition driving it – this shows the need for a unique selling proposition (USP).

1. Find your unique selling proposition

USP is the core factor behind all successful marketing strategies, especially in the content.


It makes your content more engaging. When the content is appealing to prospects, it automatically makes your brand distinctive. Companies need to think critically about their short-term and long-term business goals in order to determine how to generate conversion-oriented content that benefits the intended users.

With a good USP, you will see an instant increase in brand awareness. Strong USPs catch on with the target audience and allow more people to get familiar with your brand.

If you sound exactly like your challengers, the prospects will end up ignoring you. Think about why should they choose you? Come up with the optimum answer to prove your distinctiveness and outshine your competitors.

2. write powerful value proposition

A strong value proposition increases sales.


A successful value proposition should have a clear headline that conveys the real benefit to the consumer – the headline could be a single tagline, phrase, or sentence.

You can also go for a sub-headline underneath the main headline with a short paragraph of delivered value i.e. why your service is superior to others. The subheading highlights the key features of your services and underlines the standout details. This also allows your consumers to scan the value proposition.

Another way to strengthen your value proposition is to add visuals – the right visuals increase the ease of communication between business and consumer.


Posts with images produce 650% higher engagement than text-only content.

3. focus on content styles

In today’s customer-centric market, personalization should be a top priority for every company. Successful content strategies are always customized to their target audience. Therefore, try to be more intentional with the content styles.

Know your target audience – this impacts the style of content you are creating. Choosing the style of your content is the first step that helps to generate leads. You need to understand that people want to be offered information, inspiration, and solutions, instead of just technical specs.

Nowadays, readers aren’t the only ones who want highly targeted content.

For instance, Google’s search results are focused on human-friendly content rather than algorithm-targeted content. Make sure that your content is original and helpful to the target audience.

Below are a few ways to style your content:

  1. Format your content – consider concise and digestible content that anyone can easily read on a mobile device.

  2. Q&A – spotlight your user in a Q&A style blog. This strategy is driven by thought leadership and is perfect for senior-level users.

  3. Case studies – case studies are an integral part of most of the content strategies and can be aligned to all stages of the customer experience.

  4. Social media platforms – go live on social media platforms. Step outside the box and see how your audience responds to the content your share. 32% of consumers search for a brand’s social media presence before looking into their website.

  5. Demand-generation content – this demand-generation activity is one of the best ways to connect with your audience. However, demand generation content requires huge budgets and large teams.

  6. Storytelling – once you get down to the heart of knowing your audience, try using a storytelling approach in your content. Add relevance to what you say and use a memorable call to action for generating more leads.

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4. build your content inventory

An inventory of content approach includes everything i.e. website content, training materials, social media posts, and catalogs.

What kind of content has been proven successful for your business in the past? Are your users getting the right information? Ask these questions to yourself.

Many companies use a content analysis tool (CAT) to compile and track information like SEMRush.

However, you can go for Hubspot – it offers a content compass audit worksheet that includes success metrics and a platform that can be easily customized for all methods of content beyond digital.

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5. video content strategy

Video is a powerful way of storytelling. It can boost your content marketing efforts. It is an effective way to connect with your target audience and build more satisfying and deeper relationships with them.

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In 2019, video content was to account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic.

To make videos an integral part of your content marketing strategy, here are a few pointers you must focus on:

  1. Catchy titles – use short, informative, and catchy titles to grab the attention of your user.

  2. Add keywords – keywords in the video description with your website’s link is a great way to help users understand what your video is all about.

  3. Eye-catching thumbnails – create engaging and high-quality thumbnails to help your videos rank. A video sitemap is the best way to provide every detail about your video content to search engines.


Cisco predicts that more than 80% of all internet traffic will be video by 2021.

summing up

Marketers need to realize their customers’ true value. Understanding the types of customers that matter at every moment is the initial step that leads towards a successful content strategy.

Not all content you publish on your website can give you the leads you want. To engage your visitors, design your content to drive traffic, conversions, and sales. In a nutshell, your content should be interesting, informative, and persuasive. By creating high-quality content, you can promote your business simultaneously and give your followers the meaningful content that increases your business’s conversion rate.

Now that we have shared multiple tips to refine your content strategy, it is time for you to generate more leads and focus on big wins.

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