Why we chose bubble.io?

Gone are the days when companies would sit down with developers fazed by a plethora of coding that was necessary to build the most basic of applications. With the evolution of technology in recent years, the onus is now on utilizing platforms to build applications without the need for any form of coding.

Our story

With the client’s trust, comes many responsibilities to stand by the expectations. One of our best clients, Fassforward a woman-owned consulting business to help leaders learn, lead, and communicate more effectively, has been turning challenges into opportunities by improving employee and customer experience for organizational success since 2001. As Fassforward’s mainstream services include — Coaching, Consulting, Training, and Creative, they sought us to make an MVP app that aimed for an aptitude assessment of the teammates.

The assigned project was bound to be delivered successfully under a short time constraint. While there are various methods to create an app that delivers the best results, Bubble.io is the most-robust no-code platform for startups and mid-sized companies who seek to develop websites and applications at a very low cost. It is a blessing in disguise for non-technical people with a short timeframe to build websites without learning Python Flask.

Founded in 2012 by individuals looking to ease the coding processes for start-ups looking to dive into the mobile and desktop application market; the platform has since then gained quite the following. Several start-ups and established companies are opting to utilize the tools by building their respective applications at lower costs and massively increased running speeds.

our first no-code app

We built a ‘Touch Task Survey’ app, from scratch, using bubble.io. The app allows managers with a leadership approach to know and value the aptitude of their existing staff. It is initially used for the game which is part of the training. Not only this app engages the team members but it’s also a successful learning tool. This game-based learning gives a sense of competency and relatedness, which are the keystones of intrinsic motivation. Moreover, this app has a lot of use cases, especially for marketing needs.

So, what makes bubble.io stand out from its competitors?

as easy as it gets!

Bubble.io provides its users with an interface that is not only easier to navigate but also does away with any layer of complexity that might confuse first-time users. In comparison, platforms like Appsheet offer a more in-depth approach to the process that ends up making it a little difficult for those with little or no-coding background.

Since the purpose of these platforms is to help non-coders build applications, there is no shying away from the fact that bubble.io is effective in that matter.


PERSONALIzING your journey.

Bubble.io has received some criticism in the past for the lack of plug-ins offered in comparison with other platforms. Outsystems for instance offer a wide array of plug-ins to fit into the development process. However, what the critics fail to account for is the freedom offered to developers at bubble.io. It enables them to create their personalized plug-ins rather than having to compromise for pre-existing ones that may or may not fit in with their visions.


In other words, bubble.io does not believe in compromise and offers users the chance to either build their plug-ins or choose a perfect fit from a third-party rather than having them restricted to choosing from only a set of pre-existing plug-ins like most other no-code platforms.

something for everyone.

While most development platforms help users create multi-platform applications and chart their customer journeys, bubble.io also offers the opportunity to create internal tools for the team.


Users can build CRM tools or even construct marketplaces or social networks while also creating their mobile or desktop applications.

This means that while it may be pitched as a platform for engineers to develop applications, it is also a place for the more “business-minded” individuals to create tools for their organization and products.

constantly evolving.

We live in a constantly changing world where our needs go through dramatic shifts now and then, hence rendering something that was extremely integral one day to being redundant the next. As is the case for many start-ups, that are constantly going through multiple changes to suit funding requirements or improve their efficiency even. In times like these, what one requires is a platform that does not only improve itself over time with new features but also helps make these changes without much of a hassle.

Bubble.io does exactly that by creating an interface that not only brings about the latest features with regular updates but also helps from a production standpoint by making it easier for developers to make changes to their applications regularly.

Bubble is constantly evolving. 

why we chose bubble.io?

Based on the following points, Bubble.io outruns its competitors.


Choosing an application development platform can be quite the challenge, simply due to the risk attached to the development aspect and the impact it could have on the organization’s growth prospects. Therefore, many companies will take their time when making any such decisions because they would want to invest in a platform that not only gives them their money’s worth but also caters to consumer needs.

For us, bubble.io is that very platform because it offers a perfect environment for both coders and non-coders through the various elements at play.

So, if our arguments haven’t convinced you 100%, we would suggest that you sign up for a free plan at bubble.io and play around with the various tools present, just to see the ease-of-use the platform offers. Once you do that, we believe you will be convinced that bubble.io is the platform for you.

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