7 Most Popular Serif Fonts of 2019

Are boring fonts making your project look dull? Maybe it’s time to give your work an elegant touch by refreshing the gloomy fonts.

You may find it hard to believe, but serifs are BACK!

When it comes to design process, choosing the right font is just like being on the fence. Maintaining clarity and readability while giving a contemporary look to your work can sometimes become a headache, but remember, grey clouds always shed the rain.

Cluttering up your search with vague words can lead you to tons of typography fonts available online. These typography fonts can be useful to designers, however, choosing the right font for your design can be tricky sometimes.




In this blog, we have listed down some of the most popular fonts of 2019 that can help you in finding which font suits well for your work.

Let’s give a slightly idealistic and decorative style to your work!


Big fan of typography? Here’s your chance to try out some new and exciting typefaces to build up your current project.

Endurest serif font is a cherry-pick for all kinds of projects. No matter how small the text is, it’s always readable in Endurest font. In short, it is a modern vintage font – inspired by Sir Raymond DaBoll’s graphic technique to create balance among heights and spacing. This modern yet vintage font is a perfect fit for your web-projects.




Designed by Craft Supply Co, Lovelyn font with graphic designs can be used for a variety of purposes. Its elegance and decorative lettering make it unique. Whether you want to make a greeting card design or pop vintage design, the most chic and classy serif font is certainly Lovelyn.

As this serif font comes with a lot of decorative alternatives, it’s always fun to play with it. So, if you’ve been looking for designing a book cover or a poster, you’ve got nothing to worry about now! Using this serif font doesn’t only open options to make covers and posters, but also adds a charm to your work.




Abigail is a handmade modern shabby chic font. This contemporary serif font has a classy style, as it contains both lowercase and uppercase characters.

If used in white color, Abigail is ideal for chalk board projects. Plus, its cursive font makes it very much stylistic. So, stop getting confused and get your hands on this amazing font to add artistic feeling to your work.



MADE Canvas

Let’s face it! Canvas itself is a stunning font. Designed by Maxim Schepin and Denis Schepin, Canvas is high in contrast and is just like a modern style “didoni.” The hairlines in this font are very thin but that’s what makes it perfect. If you want to make a logo, blog header, or an advertisement, Canvas is an amazing choice for your project.



Hello Paris

Are you spending hours on the internet just to look up for the perfect font that suits your style and work? No worries now! If you want a stylistic and modern font to style your logo or any other project, Hello Paris is a way to go. This serif font is a duo pair of two elegant script and modern sans typefaces created by Sans & Sons.

To give a decorative twist to your work, Hello Paris is a great choice, as it encompasses all typographic features which are suitable for all kinds of projects.



Kinfolk Font

Kinfolk is one of the most elegant caps fonts today. This classic style serif has been given a modernized touch which makes its curves and cut-ins unique. As this is a versatile font, this can be used for plenty of purposes, especially to pull-off quotes.

So, in order to create modern headlines and stylish designs, you can go for this amazing font.



Quincy CF

Originally created by Connary Fagen, Quincy CF includes eight weights and italics. This serif has 16 styles and with a little bit of work on variations, you can add a charming look to this classic yet vintage serif style. Also, Quincy CF supports Latin and Cyrillic characters.

What makes Quincy CF different from other serif fonts is its warm lettering which provides a pleasant reading experience.



Now that we have listed up the top 7 most popular fonts of 2019, toss-up and choose which font type suits well for your project.

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