The Scientific Framework of Storytelling

In the world of marketing today, storytelling has become an important and a universally accepted phenomenon that is said to work wonders. It promises greater influence and greater engagement. But have you ever wondered what is it that makes it so captivating? Let’s take a look at the scientific framework and some explanation as to how storytelling works.

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Stories are About Movement of a State

Stories are about movement; an instruction manual explaining how we go from one point to another. The aspect of movement help the reader/listener visualize a certain situation and the consequence of that action, hence inspiring us to behave a certain way and in turn, affecting our behavior.


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Stories Move Us Too

A good story can move us; it can make us laugh our hearts out or cry our eyes out. It is called ‘transportation’ when we get tense seeing a climactic scene in a story or a sense of relief after realizing the hero is safe. Transportation lets us experience the movement of a story with its characters. When we read or watch an exciting story, we are transported to the action.


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Why are Stories Compelling

A story affects us in three ways: it attracts us, it connects with us and it moves us to take an action. Out of these, attention is a make or break stage. As humans, we will only pay attention to something which interests us and so a story that doesn’t catches the audience’s attention will fail to deliver the required message.




Stories Bring Ideas to Reality

A dramatic tension or a climactic plot help audience to see ideas as real. Using visceral imagery holds great significance if you want to drive home a message in an effective way. Moreover, it brings substance to storytelling and pave way towards a greater understanding of the conversation.


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In today marketing world storytelling is not a luxury, its a necessity. One cannot afford to miss out on storytelling.

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