Simple yet Inspirational and Engaging Designs

1. The Angle Razor’s Magnetic Design Is Precisely Sharp:

Can there be anything attractive about straight razors? They are not usually part of men’s grooming kit at home. But this article is going to change your perception about straight razors. The designers, from UK, took on the challenge to redesign straight razor. It was about creating a straight razor with modernized look that can give experience far better than traditional one. They call it Angel Razor. Its design is so serene and appealing that you cannot resist the urge to have one. With all the innovation, it is perfect example of a design that works.

“England’s claim as the progenitors of the art of shaving carries weight when looking” Read more…


2. Allied Maker exploits circular and triangular geometries for new lighting collection:

When it comes to making your house look fancier, lighting collection is an important aspect to it. There are hundreds of designs available with complex and bulky structures. This article tells a complete opposite narrative. It shows lighting collection designed by a New York design studio. The collection elaborates the power of minimalistic design. Its not always the multifaceted and massive design that catches the eye and gets the praise. Rather a simplistic design can have more appeal to it. Its all about presentation and knowing what you are doing.

“Bent metal, embossed glass and carved wood all feature in this lighting collection from New York design studio” Read more…


3. 7-Eleven’s Build-Your-Own Tater Tot ‘Nachos’ Are For The Hungry And Creative:

Nothing can attract people more than an opportunity to be creative. Modular design has always been a charm (Ah! modular mobile phone design has yet to become a reality). Subway is one the famous restaurant chains that lets the customer ‘design’ their meal. This time 7-Eleven has given its patrons an opportunity to explore the creative genius in them. People like to be creative. This is why they are attracted to creative and exceptional design. Doesn’t matter if its design of a razor, lighting collection or some nacho snack…

“What’s better than your favorite comfort food? Serving it with your favorite childhood munchies, of course.” Read more…


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