PowerPoint Timesaver – the Next Version is Out!

Just finished the next version of the PowerPoint Timesaver. Over the years have built thousands of decks.

From the beginning I realized having my best slides in one presentation deck would be super useful and save me loads of time. That is exactly what I did and called it the Timesaver. The deck has evolved and am onto version 5.

I am indebted to many people over the years. But, no more than Ken Landis (of Deloitte). The method he taught (obviously called the Landis method) had a great impact on my approach to building presentations.

You can download the full version here.

Go for it – copy-steal-paste.

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Hi Salah,

The Landis Method: is there a book or some kind of a reference for it that you can point out to me?

Thanks and Regards


Hi, I tried to open this timesaver but sadly it seems not to exist anymore on this link 🙁 Is there a new link I could try?

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